Boxercise for Kids Award Programme

with Holistic Motion PT

At Holistic Motion PT we are passionate about trying to increase participation in fitness – our aim is to help more children, get more active, more often- using the Boxercise Award Scheme!

It is well documented that when children participate in fitness or sport within a secure environment, it benefits their physical and psychological wellbeing. To help develop this, we deliver the Boxercise Awards scheme so that children can achieve specific goals and rewards whilst having fun and being active.

The Boxercise Awards are just one of many formats for teaching Boxercise to children, but this method is structured and based on specific lesson plans to make it really simple for our instructor to deliver and for children to follow, from even young ages. 

The awards scheme is a progressive programme, taking children from the basic knowledge through to more advanced skills. The Awards progress from Bronze to Gold. The Bronze Award can be taught from KS1 age and up.

There is no sparring/contact between participants in the Boxercise Awards - only focus pads are hit. The objective is to learn the skills of Boxercise for fitness; not to aim to compete in boxing as a sport. There are strict participation rules, including the banning of any inappropriate use of Boxercise skills both in and outside of the class.

Benefits for the students:

• Learn a new skill - the punches, footwork movement & pad holding skills which develop hand-eye coordination, speed and reaction times.

• Sense of achievement - receive a certificate upon successful completion of each award.

• Learning Boxercise skills is fun and a great stress buster.

• Build stamina, strength and fitness.

• Learn a skill which can be developed – increased skill level when participating in Boxercise classes or if they wish to pursue boxing, they would have an excellent skill set to start at a boxing gym.

• For young people – the chance to progress onto the young leaders award. (Secondary school ages only).

• Almost all drills can be adapted to wheelchair users/physical disabilities.

• Great for children who don’t wish to participate in competitive sport.

• Avoid dropping out of exercise - if a pupil does not wish to stay in ‘sport’ they may drop out of exercise altogether. With a network of 18,000 Boxercise Instructors in the UK there is plenty of opportunity to continue their healthy lifestyle when they leave school.

• More pupils, more active, more often.

Our instructor, Nathaniel Laver, is fully qualified and insured, please see our 'Qualifications' page, and Nathaniel has also completed a clear DBS check.Nathaniel currently runs kids, adult and teen Boxercise PAYG classes at Esher Rugby Club- please see the relevant drop down pages for each class. 

We are also now beginning to offer the awards programme as an after school club for local schools in the Esher/ Thames Ditton area. Please contact us if this is something you would like to recommend to your school, or wish to arrange for your setting.